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The Green Ivory
A touch of nature!!

My  pieces are made using different seeds and nuts from trees and palm trees found in the South American rainforest, mainly Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil. The nuts and seeds are collected on a sustainable way to create beautiful and exotic custom handmade wearable art.

I love to work with a wide variety of seeds such as the Acai, Camajuro and Bombona, Golden Grass from Brazil, coconut and orange peel among others. The main seed I use at The Green Ivory is the Tagua nut (Phytelephas Aequatorialis Macrocarpa), also known as The Ivory From the Rainforest.

Tagua is considered an ecological-animal friendly alternative to protect elephants and whales.                   
                                                                                 Oxanna Baracaldo.
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By Oxanna Baracaldo
A touch of nature...